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EFT & Exams:

Many education experts believe that this condition affects about 20% of children, and that the numbers are growing since schools started devoting more time and resources to required standardised testing over the past decade. As a result, student can blank out at the sight of an exam paper, test anxiety can hold a student back; even if they know the material and have been confidently revising up to that point.

It’s natural for your child to be nervous before a test, but they may need help if their discomfort becomes too intense and unmanageable. When a student forgets the answers, they knew the night before the test or becomes so flustered that they fail to follow instructions on the exam cover sheet, they may be experiencing high levels of test anxiety. All this can result in failure to achieve the results they deserve.

This is where we come in. We are Mental Health Practitioners and Teachers who specialise in building confidence and promoting positive mindset within families, children and young people. This year’s swathe of exams is over but how will you help your children next year?

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