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EFT & School Transition

It’s a new school year!

Have your children gone back to their normal school, or have they started a new school? Mine has started yr 9, Rachel's youngest two are starting GCSEs and her other child is off to a new college!

Leaving the safety of primary school to venture into the unknown at secondary school is so exciting for some children.

For others it can feel more doomed if they are anxious about how they are going to fit in now that their long term group of friends and classmates has drifted into the past.

This anxiety plays into the fear that they won’t be accepted; that they’ll be rejected at every turn because they fear the unknown. In reality this isn’t what happens, and what they don’t realise is that they are far from being along in these thoughts – the person who thrives on meeting new people is far more rare than the person who struggles.

Once social anxiety builds it can have a huge, detrimental affect on schoolroom engagement and academic progress children make. By sensitively acknowledging and addressing the issue from the start you child can feel supported and confident to deal with issues as they arise.

So how can EFT help your children and teens with their new year transition?

Rachel & I are Mental Health Practitioners and Teachers who focus on children's wellbeing. They understand from a persona perspective too how challenging it can be. Rachel's daughter didn't go to school for years and found transition impossible. We not only understand professionally what is going on but understand as parents too! Reach out if you want support.

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