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EFT & Your Family

Family members often take their unit and the individuals within it for granted. Not necessarily in a way that resembles taking advantage, but from the perspective that they were born into it, they’re still in it, and will always be. This can be more true for the dependents than the parents for obvious reasons, but there is away to redress the balance in family dynamics because whatever your family dynamics, they don’t have to stay that way.

From a parent’s perspective, though, it’s more likely that there are certain aspects of family life which are having a negative effect on your life or your mood or even your ability to function to full capacity, or potential, that you didn’t even realise were there or having this effect on you.

We get support when we are energetically connected to our family. When we can see every negative event and see the love that's behind that story, we move into a space of forgiveness and freedom – this is when EFT is at its most powerful in this scenario. It requires a very real and deep ability to be non-judgmental and view everyone with love, regardless of their actions.

This requires the courage to see what's in the system as well as the knowledge that the emotions can be cleared with tapping.

And this is where we come in. By letting go of fears and making small changes, releasing limiting beliefs, altering self-defeating behaviours and reframing your outlook you will experience life altering results.

If you think that we can help you and your family, then please do reach out.

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