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Teenagers & Peer Pressure:

There is a lot of pressure on teenagers, at a time when their emotions are strong and unbalanced as they develop into adults. Being in school with other teenagers who are going through the same thing can cause even more pressure when the large majority of them, at worst won’t realise and, at best, will try and understand what they’re going through – but it won’t change the fact that pressure and emotions are high.

Our teenage years are when most of us experience peer pressure – most of us equate the term with something negative or harmful like trying smoking or drinking alcohol but maybe your child just hasn’t found the group of friends they feel at home with and are trying to get by doing the things that they do. So maybe they just don’t want to go shopping, or stay up all night playing board games. Maybe they’ve seen their peers being disrespectful to a parent and they start to pick up on these behaviours so as to fit in. Or maybe they're a bit of a wild child and need to let loose but their friends are home bodies and they're not getting to feed that part of them. It works both ways!

Whether they are aware of it or not, whether the thing they are playing into is negative or not, the result will be negative because it’s not how they would naturally behave if they didn’t have the influence of other people doing it. Being a teenager feels vulnerable and unsure of yourself because you’re changing from a child into an adult and tapping brings great results for this. Strength, resolve, acceptance and so many other feelings, thoughts and emotions that come with being a teenager.


If you are a parent and worried about your teen, then drop us a message we can help.

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