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Important Information on Diagnostic Tools, Payment Plans, and Validity of Assessment, and Medication.


The assessments are suitable for children and adults aged 6+


The assessments are completed using the ADI-R Frameworks. All assessments are done online, just as they were all successfully done online during COVID.


The assessments are completed by a multidisciplinary team of Psychotherapists Chartered Clinical Psychologists, who are members of the British Psychology Society.


A full diagnostic report with recommendations for aftercare, the reports are tailored to meet NICE Guidelines and the NHS Gold Standard.


Just like public healthcare services, The GP or your primary care provider will have the final say on medication and monitoring. 


We are aware that different local authorities can have differing guidelines, always consult your primary health provider and team first.


To keep the cost to families and individuals low, a deposit is requested in order to allocate resources and time with Clinicians. After the deposit is paid, ADHD and Autism assessments can be paid in three instalments invoiced by RTN. The dual assessment can be paid in five instalments.

Financial Accessibility

Most clinics can charge as high as £4000 for a compete diagnostic assessment. We want an assessment model that is both affordable, and can be turned around within six weeks - depending on how quickly your information/questionnaires are returned to us.

We will work WITH YOU.

Further Information

1) Pay and set a date or over 3/5 instalments and after first instalment received book assessment

2) Choose in instalments - over 3 months for individual assessments, for combined over 5 months.
a) Autism Assessment - £895 (£30 discount using code RSM555)
b) ADHD Assessment - £795 (£30 discount using code RSM555)
c) Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment - £1495 (£60 discount using code RSM555)

3) The diagnostic assessment report will not be turned over to the customer until the final instalment is paid.

4) For any recommended aftercare, including medication, this must be sought through your primary healthcare provider or through an alternative private pathway at an extra cost. RTN does not provide Titration at present.


5) The diagnostic assessment process covers; the distribution and analysis of screening questionnaires, an appointment with an RTN Psychologist, and one follow up appointment to discuss outcomes including aftercare recommendations.

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